Chess Club

The Chess Club welcomes K-12 students. Younger students engage in an introductory program called ‘Story Time Chess,’ while those in 3rd grade and above take part in ‘Let’s Play Chess.’ This club enables students to learn and enhance their chess skills while challenging their peers in healthy competition. The game of Chess fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, all of which students can use both in and out of the classroom. While students participate in chess matches, the primary focus of the club is to promote learning, sportsmanship, and enjoyment.

























Theater Club

The Theater Club invites K-12 students who wish to either perform on stage or contribute to the stage crew. We conduct a separate session each semester, concluding with a live stage performance typically in December and April/May. Various roles, ranging from small supporting parts to larger main roles, are available. Students audition for parts, and everyone desiring to participate is cast in the play.

Members of the Theater Club have the chance to delve into various aspects of theater, such as stage terminology, acting skills, set building, and costume/makeup design. Additionally, they gain experience and confidence in public speaking. The performance is always family-friendly and open to the public. The performance location and exact timing vary; please refer to our events page for upcoming details. Past performances have included A Midsummer Night’s Dream, an excerpt from Little Women, and coming in April 2024 students will perform Much Ado About Shakespeare.

Patriots Shooting Team

We are excited to offer our Patriots Shooting Team as our primary athletic program at Lafayette Academy. This team focuses on shotgun sports and is quickly becoming one of the top shooting teams in the region. This season, we have over 20 student athletes, both male and female, ranging from 3rd through 11th grade.

 The team competes locally, regionally, as well as in the sport’s biggest events, SCTP Nationals in Ohio and the AIM Grand American in Illinois. The Patriots shooting team was started in 2021 and has quickly become one of the top shooting teams in the region, with our team and/or individual athletes placing in nearly every event we have entered in recent seasons.

The sport helps our student athletes to develop valuable life skills which build on their experience in the classroom at Lafayette. Our most recent season was filled with examples of moral courage on the field as our athletes increased their patience, mental endurance, and strength. 










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