Student Preparation Resources

It’s wonderful when parents have an interest to help their child at home with literacy or literacy concepts.  Here you will find some helpful resources to assist your student. 

What is a phonogram?

A phonogram is a letter, or a group of letters, and all the sounds they make (ie, the letter A says three sounds: /a/, /A/, /aw/). Students begin mastering these phonograms as soon as kindergarten.

Below are some video resources related to our phonogram program. Please watch the videos to ensure you pronounce the sounds correctly as it is the same way your child learns it in our classrooms. These videos are extremely helpful for the parent.  Please note: students should not practice these sounds unless the parent has taken the time to watch these videos carefully. It would only confuse the student to hear them differently than how they are hearing them at school.

Click on a section below and follow the links to the YouTube videos.

Summer Reading List

We encourage you to make reading part of your family’s enriched summer time. A regular habit of reading promotes fluency. Good books offer far more! They cultivate a child's affections, stir their moral imagination, and instill a deep love of learning. Click the button below to view a printable list of age appropriate book recommendations (by age/grade level) to make the most of your summer reading.

Summer Reading List 2023