Mission and Vision



The mission of Lafayette Academy is to provide an excellent K-12 education which develops the academic potential of each student through a rigorous, content-rich, classical liberal arts program while cultivating a
virtuous character.


The Lafayette Academy student develops intellectual and personal habits and skills to build a responsible, virtuous, and productive life as the basis of a free, just, and happy society.

  • Lafayette Academy prepares its students to be contributors and leaders in their homes and communities, entrepreneurs in business, and statesmen in government
  • Lafayette Academy strives to forge each student’s character through curricular and extracurricular offerings, nurturing the student’s humanity with a constant view toward developing intelligent and virtuous American citizens
  • Lafayette Academy students will understand our Founding Documents and the principles that give them meaning and strive to live in concert with those principles
  • Lafayette Academy recognizes man is endowed by His creator with “…certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” as well as rights of self-government, reason, and conscience, to ensure that each individual can achieve a life fulfilled

This foundation prepares Lafayette students for a life of service — to God, country, community and family.