Trip Education

“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you can see.”Winston Churchill

We at Lafayette Academy take Churchill’s words to heart. We believe that the more one knows and understands about history, the more one is equipped to comprehend the events of the present, enabling one to make sound decisions for the future.

To aid us in that objective, Lafayette focuses on Trip Education. Each year, several grades will participate in an in-depth field trip centered on the historical study of that class. These specialized trips are designed to provide experiences for students to deepen their understanding and increase their appreciation of their world and their American culture. Trips will take students back to ancient cultures of the past, to cathedrals of the medieval era, to battlefields of the Civil War, to homes of our Founding Fathers, and more.

Not only do our students have the opportunity to experience these trips, but so do their families*. Lafayette's Trip Education Program invites the families of each student to join in the learning journey, giving parents and students the opportunity to learn side by side. Lafayette recognizes these rich educational journeys as life-changing experiences for both the student and family. Together, both student and family will learn volumes of history through Lafayette’s Trip Education Program.

These experiences further enhance the classroom learning as well. Lafayette students return to the classroom with renewed respect for people of times past and a dramatically increased love for their country. Additionally, our students, having touched the fringes of history through these trips, have a larger investment in their own learning. They begin to understand the larger context of history, and more importantly, their place and role within that sphere.

Travel destinations may include Cahokia Mounds (IL), Medieval Knights (Chicago), Renaissance Fair (STL), Conner Prairie (IN), Lewis and Clark Historical Site (STL), Springfield, IL, Gettysburg, PA, Washington D.C., Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown.

In time, we expect to include trips to Italy, England, Greece, Germany to visit sites from D-Day, and more!

*Tuition covers most local field trips for students. Tuition does not cover family travel or overnight domestic and international field trip costs at this time.