Cultivating Wisdom of the Mind and Virtue of the Heart

Classical education ignites minds, nurtures virtues, and propels students into a world of endless possibilities. Join us in cultivating a foundation for lifelong learning, character, and success.

You're invited to experience education the way it was meant to be at our Open House!

At our Open House you will:

• Hear from our Founder/Head of School about our low-tech, back-to-basics classical approach to education
• Learn more about and preview our world-class curriculum
• Hear from current families about their own experiences
• Light refreshments will be provided and children are welcome to attend with their parents (no childcare provided). Bring your questions and your curiosity, and we'll see you there!

We’re Breaking Away From Modern Education

We are a private K-12 school in Lake St. Louis, MO dedicated to classical education and promoting superior educational results. Classical education values knowledge for its own sake. It upholds the standards of logic, beauty, truth, and goodness intrinsic to the liberal arts. The word liberal comes from the Latin word liber, meaning “free”. The liberal arts set the mind free. Free and independent thought requires virtue to be fully maximized. This liberal arts education prepares students to assume their place as responsible citizens and contributors in their communities.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Teaching HOW to think, not WHAT to think
  • Content-Rich Curriculum
  • Teacher-Led, Low Tech Classrooms
  • Explicit Phonics and Literacy
  • Intensive Study of Grammar
  • Use of Primary Source Documents
  • Reading of the Great Books
  • Cursive Writing
  • Study of Latin Beginning in Sixth Grade

The Pillars on Which We Stand

Academic Excellence

Learning at Lafayette Academy is based on a timeless curriculum which uses a rigorous, content-rich, liberal arts program.

Virtue and Character Education

We nurture strong character and virtue in our students. Our four classical virtues of prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude are taught, modeled, and expected by everyone in the Lafayette community.

Love of America and Community

Our students develop a deep understanding of the American Founding, American history, American government, and what it means to be a good American citizen.


Our program establishes a strong foundation in fundamental subjects with steady movement towards mastery, ensuring that students are equipped with intellectual, moral, and civic preparedness, regardless of their future careers or aspirations.

Character Education

Classical Education provides students with the foundation to live a principled life.  Equally as important as our quest for academic rigor and excellence is our pursuit of virtuous character in our young men and women. 


Lafayette Academy provides many opportunities for students to excel outside of the classroom through a robust and diverse offering of afterschool clubs, activities, and athletics. 

How it works?

Schedule a Tour or Attend an Open House

Schedule a Shadow Day

Apply and Enroll


Lafayette Academy provides a traditional education that upholds the high standards of teaching, curriculum, virtue and character, and discipline found in the schools of old – going back to the Greeks and Romans, the Medieval Period, the Renaissance, and the early American period. It is commonly called Classical Education.

How To Interview A School: Part 1

5 Essential Questions to Ask

Choosing the right school for your child is as important as picking the right home or car. It’s essential to ensure they’re in a safe and joyful environment that maximizes their potential. This process doesn’t have to be stressful—asking the right questions can make it simple. For more guidance, download our ebook.

What Parents Are Saying About Lafayette Academy

Our son comes home in a great mood every day because he is now proud of the work that he is doing. [Lafayette] has reignited his excitement to learn, and that is largely because the faculty challenges him and encourages him to be excellent. He feels rewarded because his days in the classroom are focused on education, and he isn’t given the opportunity to become distracted by student drama. He also finds the whole experience to be fun! Before he felt like a drop in the ocean, but now he is the captain of his own ship!

— Lafayette Academy Parent

[Our daughter] has grown leaps and bounds…[we] see her light just pouring out of her when she comes home each day.  We can tell she just loves and enjoys school so much. What an incredibly vibrant atmosphere you are teaching these kids in and they, in turn, radiate and respond back.

— Lafayette Academy Parent

So far this year, my kids have memorized the Gettysburg Address, done incredible artwork, improved their reading ability, and so much more. They are truly growing as scholars and as people. We are so pleased with the education they are receiving at Lafayette Academy.

— Lafayette Academy Parent

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